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Trinity School Project - Field Report

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Below is the report that the Just Cause crew in Uganda sent after they were tasked with finding the next OASIS site.

Field Report/Findings on the Next Oasis to be Fabricated

An Oasis is a well thought idea that provides hope and a future for such changing and unpredictable weather during these years affected by global warming. They say Water is Life. Anyone who provides water or any water related efforts simply brings meaning, pride and dignity to life. Whereas many people could be familiar with other irrigation systems, wash, and other water related projects, the Oasis remains one of its kind. Any family, Church or School would be more than interested in receiving the services of an Oasis. There is not a single School, Church or Institution that would doubt or let go the opportunity of an Oasis to be planted on their property.

Knowing the benefits and the advantages of an Oasis, it became a little hard for the team to finally come up with a decision of which school/institution would benefit on this precious one of its kind development. After taking in to consideration a variety of whys and wherefores, the team finally agreed that Trinity Secondary School would stand this immediate opportunity to benefit from this very next scheme.

What is Trinity Secondary School?

Trinity is located on the great north road between Soroti and Lira. The School currently has a little above 600 students in enrollment. Trinity High School was started in 1996 by a late Elim Pastor in the name of John Omese, with the overall objective of providing orphaned and less privileged children in the rural area of Kaberamaido district with quality Christian high school education. It all went well, till 1998 when Pastor John passed on in a motor accident leaving not only Trinity limping but also his church and family. Since then the School has suffered the challenge of accessing resources even from government and sometimes if any too little too late.

Whereas the school has suffered many challenges, the wife of the late pastor and the head teacher have continued to struggle through thin and thick to see the school continue to run. They are overwhelmed by the influx of these needy children yet with very limited support from a few children that can pay their tuition fees. Many others literally need help from anyone who cares to do so.

Kaberamaido district like many other districts in the North Eastern Uganda was critically affected by the raiding of cows by the Karamojongs in the 1990s, followed by another political strife and the Lord’s Resistance Army in 2003 leaving the region economically disadvantaged, socially disorganized, the infrastructure destroyed and morally decadent. With all these challenges, it left the region in calamitous need for external support to be able to reconstitute itself and that included education systems.

As if that was not enough the current government that has been in power for over 30 years does NOT appropriate resources equally. In the error where education has been highly commercialized in our Country, the children coming from this kind of regions can only afford primary education and when it comes to critical education echelons like High school, University etc most of them drop out as a result of deficiency of financial command to the right of entry for superior education.


So looking at the above background, it left the team with no preference but to arrive at the decision that Trinity Secondary School becomes the beneficiary of the subsequent Oasis Project.

· The School has adequate land that can also support critical farming.

· The School has a security guard and a fence running round it which would assure security for the Oasis.

· Above all the school is located in a central place and given the Oasis in the compound, the school enrollment would double, and some of the students whose parents have taken their kids far away due to limited resources including water would now bring back their kids and that would mean a new future for the School and the community.

The head teacher who did not expect any visitors in the school, but only received a phone call alerting him that the school has visitors. He was thrown out of words and could not express himself as in gratitude to God and to the team that was able to zero on Trinity amidst many other schools in the district.

Pictured: Pastor Joseph, Samuel, Raymond, and Emma

On behalf of Trinity High School and the people of Kaberamaido District, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the leadership of JustCause for their generosity and long suffering in reaching out to the uttermost parts of the world with the Love of God demonstrated in His Jesus Christ.

The Bible quotes in Galatians 5:6; “The Only thing counts is Faith expressing itself through Love”

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