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JustCause Journal - Volume 3

Try to think back to a year ago this week. For most, it may be hard. You’ll at least probably think to yourself, “well, I know life was somewhat normal.” For Bryan, Noah, and myself, life was far from “normal.” We had now been in Soroti, Uganda for almost two weeks finally feeling like we were settled into our new home for the next couple months to build the first international OASIS. One thing, however, was missing. The tool container. In order to build an OASIS in a somewhat remote village of a developing nation, we had to transform a 40 foot shipping container into a mobile shop housing the necessary power equipment, tools, and supplies. Once doing so, we had to ship it from Minnesota all the way to Uganda. An estimated 60-90 days later, the mobile shop, in theory, would arrive on the back of a truck to the desired location: Life Renewal Church in Soroti, Uganda.

We planned our trip to align with the arrival of the container in Soroti in early February 2020 so right when we got there we could begin constructing the OASIS. But there we were, two weeks into our trip without it. The anticipation of it’s arrival started to settle in. Finally, on the morning of February 19th, we got word from Pastor Joseph that there was a good chance the container was en route and would arrive sometime later in the day. A buzz began to build around this elusive beast we so desired to see arrive halfway across the world. Naturally, we had to make a game out of it, so Bryan gathered guesses of the container’s arrival time and also jotted down each person’s favorite soda or alternate drink. The person with the closest time was to receive a pack of their choice. Guesses ranged anywhere from 3:56pm to 8:00pm.

Bryan's list to track the guesses and desired prize if you are closest to the container's arrival time. Some irregular prizes to say the least (see MoMo's line item).

As the dozen or so of us sat in a circle under a tin shelter taking a break from the sun, 3:45pm began to approach. No container yet. Joyful banter in the local Kumam dialect was quickly silenced as we received another update, this time from Pastor Robert. He was on the phone with Pastor Joseph. “Joseph is showing the way for the driver of the container to our site. He should be here within the hour,” he relayed. We practically jumped out of our chairs in excitement and ran over to Lale (lah-lay) road at the entrance of the church to watch for the container’s arrival.

Noah was first on the guesses list with 3:56pm. 3:55 and 30 seconds. No container. 45 seconds. No. 3:56. Nothing. This quick crescendo of anticipation at each guessed time that passed turned into a very fun experience for all those involved. Two or three more times passed as the clock began to approach 4:15. Two or three more let downs ensued. Like everyone else’s blind guesses, I went with 4:17. All of a sudden, a quarter mile down the red clay road, a large container became visible on the back of a semi. Could this be it?! Sure enough, the truck looked to be escorted by the van driven by Pastor Joseph. This was it. 7,855 miles later, the tool container was arriving on site in Soroti, Uganda. To make the moment sweeter, right as the clock struck 4:17pm, the container-bearing semi turned left onto Life Renewal’s property. Hoots, hollers, and high-fives were had as we celebrated the tool container’s arrival. Certainly a moment in JustCause’s history that we will never forget.

Excitement erupts as the tool container arrives in one piece after an anxious 60+ days

en route to Soroti.

I share with you this story not only in reminiscing about a year ago this week, but letting you know how excited we are about our new project that has started. Where you may ask? Right next to the tool container that arrived almost exactly a year ago. As we share with you more content of the Trinity School Project, you will be able to see how integral the tool container really is. Without it, none of this would be possible.

So here’s to all of the hands and vessels that safely transported our beloved container across the world. In the local Kumam dialect we would say “opwoyo tic (oh-pwoy-yo teech)” and “opwoyo sana (sah-nah).” “Good job” and “thank you very much.”

Stay tuned for updates on the Trinity School Project on our website and social media pages. We already have a lot of great content we are looking forward to sharing with everyone.

With love and gratitude,

The JustCause Team

The pure excitement of having the tool container arrive almost a year ago now. The same container/tools are being used for the Trinity School Project in 2021.

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