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Bryan Royle



Bryan is the fearless leader who is as natural an engineer as he is an artist. He has the innate ability to see something in his imagination then build it (i.e.The OASIS). Most of the time you will find Bryan cracking a joke, giving a hug, singing a song, or conversing in the voice of one of the many accents he can impersonate. This joyous spirit of his is impossible to not gravitate towards, making him a great leader with a serving heart. Outside of JustCause, he is an Engineering Consultant dreaming up and crafting the innovations of tomorrow.


Kevin Gabriel



Taking care of the business side with JustCause, Kevin has a knack for numbers. When Bryan approached him with the idea of the OASIS, Kevin was all in and wanted to form the non-profit in order to help raise the much-needed donations. Because of Kevin’s driven personality, JustCause went from just an idea to an active non-profit in no time. Outside of JustCause he is married to his wonderful wife Payton, and enjoys all things outdoors with their pup Noki.


Noah Egeberg

Welding & Fabrication


Gifted and trained as a welder, Noah has brought the institutional knowledge of this trade to JustCause. He is responsible for teaching and training metal fabrication to the local teams assembled in the villages served. Noah has a passion for exploring the outdoors and is pursuing a future career as a pastor. 


Joey Brettingen



Joey is the guy that is instantly gifted at anything he takes on. When the OASIS prototype was being fabricated, he tried welding for the first time and it looked like he had been doing it for years. Graduating from the University of Minnesota with a horticulture major, Joey is our expert on sustainable irrigation and farming in the regions we serve. Joey and his wife Gracia had their first child in May 2020!


Alex Stave



Alex is gifted with all things media. He captures the hardworking and joyous moments of our team. Alongside his hobby of photography, he's always seeking where he will take his next thrilling adventure. For his day job, Alex is an Audio Engineer and is constantly traveling around the US to train, install, and consult on large audio systems.


Jalen Braegelmann

Social Media


Jalen is our rockstar social media guru. He has a way with words and is an incredible asset to our team. Jalen joined the team to help tell the story of JustCause and is always looking to increase brand awareness, engage supporters and convey the importance your donations. Outside of JustCause, he enjoys spending his time at the lake in northern MN and spoiling his niece and nephew.


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