It all started when…

Bryan Royle traveled to Soroti, Uganda in January 2018 and visited the village of Ordori. This was the village his church had helped by giving grain and rice during a time of severe drought. A woman approached and expressed gratitude for the provisions, and was thankful that they had only lost six people to the drought that year. It was at this point that Bryan began to think about drilling wells in Africa, but the problem was much bigger than just wells. It seemed like there were many systems, but not one cohesive system to solve the needs of sanitation, irrigation, and access to clean water.

In November of 2018, Bryan felt God gave him the idea that we now call the OASIS to address all of these needs in one integrated system. Then came along Kevin Gabriel. Bryan explained the vision of the OASIS, and they began mapping out the dimensions of the OASIS in blue painters tape on the garage floor.

Jumping ahead to January of 2019, Bryan and Kevin, along with a growing team of generous and talented people, began to fabricate the first prototype of the OASIS.

We are looking forward to traveling back to Uganda later this year to build an OASIS alongside the people of Soroti. We hope that we can learn as we build and prototype it on location, and also look forward to teaching, training, and employing the local people to weld and fabricate with us in the process.